anybody know steve kaminski???



i want to talk to him about a conversion. so if anybody knows his phone number (not the disconnected one off of the gm high tech website) or email or something i would really really really be happy. thanks alot
He works at a shop in the East Coast area. Well known for transplanting LC2 into pony cars. You prolly ought to ask in the TTA forum. those guys are probably more familiar with him.
I know steve kaminski but do not know his current number. You might wana get in touch with Torque Monster Z from the board. He will know steve's number and IMO i would talk to him about the conversion as well. He has done several conversions including a camaro, malibu, monte carlo ect.
Steve K

We know Steve pretty well....he is a VERY good friend of Bob Sims (action fabrication) Since we acquired the shop from Bob I have seen Steve I think 2 times in the last year.

If you are interested in swapping a StageII or stock GN motor in anything, we can help you.

Please E-mail me at

Thanks, and take care