Anybody like playing in the sand??


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So customer brings a car he knows nothing about for me to get running right! Thank God I always tell people if you dont know what's in the tank then it's time to replace the pump! Well went to get the old gas out the old fashion way drop the tank and turn the tank upside down and let it pour out the top. Got the gas out and looked in the tank and this was there inside the baffles!! There was enough to make another pile in the pan I used to catch the gas. Flushed out the tank a couple more times and I got a good portion of it out! Why would someone do that to a GN. I can understand if your mad at someone put sand in their DD but not a classic! The scene from Pulp Fiction comes to mind!

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OMG :mad:!!! Good thing he found a honest mechanic in you though. Sand in the gas tank is a malicious act which makes it easier and easier, by the day, to question the IQ level of the people in our society who do nothing but breathe the air of those who care and contribute.

Good job sir! ;)
I told him he was lucky the car was sitting for so long. Someone probably did awhile back and have it time to settle at the bottom. The sad thing is all the hack jobs someone who had the car before him did to this thing! Lots of wiring fixes! This is just insult to injury! Here are some more crap things I had to fix!

Had to drill holes into the aluminum to get the dash plaque back on! Someone had fun with a hole saw!

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I just shed a tear viewing those pictures, to some they are just a mode a transportation and modified via the info they receive from a magazine. I will express again that your honesty is refreshing and it seems you are also a fan of the KISS method.

Well done sir! :)
What did the inside of the tank look like? I've seen that done on old tanks to help knock down some of the rust and flake. Maybe some one did that and just didn't clean it out good enough afterwards.
The inside of the tank is clean. No rust just had a lot of sand.

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Does your customer have little kids, or grand kids running around??o_O It is surprising what little hands & inquisitive minds can do when someone isn't watching for a little bit.;) Just a thought. For the sand in the tank issue, that is.