Anybody run 100% nitrogen in daily driver tires?


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We commonly experience 50 degrees temperature fluxuation in a day....Is it worth the extra cost for a daily driver?
Temp is only part of the benefit of nitrogen. Airlines use because of less change in temp due to landing,takeoff conditions the tires see,as well as temp change at elevation. A cold tire from elevation say 40000 ft to say sea level might cause tire to blow at landing conditions. The opposite is also possible. Nitrogen is also a drier gas,so moisture is at a min. For a car I would say its not needed.Only benefit being less rust on steel wheels when tires are removed.
Got new tires on one of my cars last year and the shop uses N - no extra charge. As soon as it got cold I had to add some air - I would not pay anything for it after just one experience with it
ooooooohh, nitrogen. . . . Costco fills all the tires they service with nitrogen now I believe. As stated above, the benefits are slight but on fleet vehicles they have reported less maintenance and better performance over time using nitrogen, ie less pressure adjustment, better mileage from more stable temps, etc. However in the case of using nitrogen on one car. . . well you probably wont notice a difference, and its certainly not worth paying for.

On a side note, if you guys are into filling your tires with different gases, why not fill them packed full of Helium? That just may reduce your rotating weight by 2 pounds, although I speculate that the small molecular structure would create the need to frequently top off your tires with a dose of the stuff.

Or we could try hydrogen ;) that one may reduce your rotating mass by 4 pounds instead of two. Ive got a hydrogen generator at my house here if anyone wants to try it out. I would, but Ive had too much fun with hydrogen as it is. . .
Hmm, where do I begin?

Burned off my head of hair in an instant, caused total meltdown on lawnmower motors, created sonic booms and intense pressure waves, and made some seriously powerful potato cannons. If you havent progressed past hairspray, you havent lived. . .

I actually had slight success at using the generator for supplementary fuel on automobiles, but it requires retarding the timing and water injection to keep things under control. A little hydrogen, goes a looonnnnngg way.

Now think about what you could do with it? Its lighter than air, has a ton of potential energy, and is found in a 2:1 ratio in the most abundant chemical on the earths surface, water. Its the perfect fuel, now figure out how to make it efficiently.
I don't know much about hydrogens stability, but wouldnt it be angerous to fill a tire up with it. I guess it would be pretty sweet burnouts when you get to the steel belts :D

Cool stuff! Well, except for the burning hair thing. ;) Sounds like a lotta fun. You must have a lot of area to be able to pull that stuff off, huh?