Anybody run thrasher 100 or 108?


May 24, 2001
Just wondered how you like the thrasher race chips. I'm thinking about buying one soon, just looking for some info.

I also run the 92 and 108 for blue tops, and im with Chad, I really like em
I run the Thrasher 100 on the street all the time with SMC alky and 20psi. Lots of fun.
Cheap to try, easy to sell if you don't like it. A win win situation!:D
WSLN6, I just ordered the alky kit and have the same set up as you (stock turbo, injectors, IC) and was wondering how that 100 octane chip is on the gas mileage. I drive mine on the street quite a bit (even to work) and am looking for something that doesn't lower fuel economy too much. How has yours been on gas mileage?

Gas mileage will be worse. Don't get me wrong, the Thrasher has a nice lean cruise comparable to other chips, but you won't really care!
You will be way to busy with your foot to the floor, enjoying all the extra timing of a 100 octane chip to care about your gas mileage.
Sure, the chip can get decent mileage.........I may never see it. A little too busy living the good life.:cool: