Anyone familiar with this car?


May 30, 2015
My friend is looking to buy this 1987. The owner says that the engine was rebuilt 15k ago. Currently 150k on the odometer. The owner says the turbo needs replacing and is currently off of the car. Asking 10K for it. Any feedback would be appreciated. This car is in Las Vegas.


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Idk about the car but for $10k, it better have a turbo on it and make one hell of a good test drive on and off highway. The paint is a little funky but the body work looks great.
The paint job is horrible but I'm sure it wasn't cheap. Any other details on the car?

Just my $.02....
The paint could be "improved on", just by removing that hideous red hood/roof stripe...:vomit:
As for the "no turbo" deal....FORGET IT. There's a reason he's never put 1 back on. Could be the engine is "cratered", and he's trying to dump it.
My offer would be: His asking price for the car, - engine rebuild, - new turbo. That's IF one can live w/ the paint.
Or, he puts a new turbo on, it drives out well, and then you make a decision.
without the car being driveable, engine and or trans could be junk,
I wouldn't do it,
no way to test a/c, etc, to big of a gamble!
Not running for 10 grand and funky paint. I say keep looking. Remember that some have received much more for less.