Anyone from MN?


A supercharged T-type?
May 26, 2001
Just wondering if anyone's from MN? I want to know how my car would stack up to a TR. I have got my car running but haven't got a good race in yet. No one want to race a Lesabre. :( I'd like to do something before the snow flies.
Hello, This is Jason, I run THE LESABRE T-TYPE REGISTRY web page and I am from St. Paul, Minnesota...

Well, I sold my LeSabre T-Type about 8 months ago and I've had an 86 T-Type Regal now for over 2 years. Let me tell you, my Lesabre never would have stood a chance in a race against the Turbo car.

But I loved that LeSabre like no other car I've owned. I always said my ultimate car would be a LeSabre T-Type with the 3.8 Turbo motor. But as you know FWD & RWD dont mix, oh well.

Where do you live in Minnesota? If you live near buy we could meet up at PORKYS some time and I could show you a couple hot spots for late night street racing. I try and get out there every other weekend.

E-mail me if you want, see yah, JASON:D
I live north of the cities, but I'm in the cities all the time. I go to Hennipin Technical College in Brooklyn Park Wednesdays and Thursdays. I don't think I'll beat a modified TR, but with the supercharged engine It's very fast. A huge difference from the old engine. :D
Hey guys! Check out our new local forum! It's Modern Muscle of Minnesota's new message board. I'm one of the founding members of the club and we're always looking for more local guys to join up on our forum. While you're over there, check out the club website too. Hope to see ya over there!