Anyone have a copy of Turbo link software


Jun 2, 2001
I wiped my hardrive on my notebook, and I can't find my Turbo link software. Don't know how large the original file was. If it's not to difficult could someone email me a copy.
I have both the 2.11 & 2.13 programs. However,
have you tried to contact Ken Mosher? He's great at
helping us guys..... I know we are not suppose t do this.

But if you want or can't get Ken. I will send you a copy.
Never ever done this before....Let me know what ken says.
Also it use to be you could download if a member on the T'link web. Just a thought. You can e-me.
I think we may have already solved this ... but ...

Drop me email at


and I'll give you the unzip password.

Download the software from (in the UPGRADES area).... it's got all you need to run it (despite the warnings on the web site).

Then run WinZIP and use the password (case sensitive) to unpack the files to a NEW directory on your disk.

That should do the trick.