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  • Ryan,
    I saw photos that you posted on flush mount turn signals. Did you do the fab work? Trying to duplicate...where did you get the lense material?
    Chris. Sorry my vin check subscription expired. Go to Autocheck.com and do a FREE check. It "should" say Grand National Regal in the title. The car fax "should" say the same thing. I don't know if this is a sure way of telling if your GN is a GN but I have the same question. I am selling my GN and the trunk was repainted and the option sticker is gone but the Autocheck says Grand National. A long shot but if you pull out your back seat the original build sheet may still be there. Try it out. I have a hard time putting the rear seat back in so I have not done that.
    hi you doin ryan they told me your the man to see about gn vin's i recently bought a gn at a fair price in miami and i carfaxed it it checked out and i also checked the rear for the "8.5" which it has but the interior combo seems funny and no rpo codes?? it was crashed 2wice so no code in trunk rear colliosn trunk was replaced and front fender crashed.. maybe you can help me out i hope i have a real gn im feeling like its a t-type and they made it a gn clone the vin is 1g4gk479fp403074 my email is Chris_Riveron@fpl.com thanks.. also motor was swapped to 86 gn so its intercooled car supposably is an 85 gn pls help..

    Thanks for your suggestion about a forum for frequent repairs.

    I have forwarded your suggestion with my positive recommendation (giving you credit) to Admin and the other moderators. They will decide.
    Did the same thing. Still the gauge if off. It move just really inaccurate. It moves from3/4 to full. A little below but never gets below 3/4. Wish it were true....I would make a killing on gas mileage. Still have not made any progress. Let me know if you figure it out.
    I read your thread about analog fuel gauge not working. My gauge is doing the same thing, I replaced the sending unit and pump ,but my gauge is stuck on 1/4 tank. Did you every fix your gauge? Any help would be great. Thanks
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