Anyone have pics of stock hot-air headers?


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Jun 6, 2003
Just as the title said, looking for a pic or 2 of the headers that would have come stock on a hotair GN. Thanks!
See attached.


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Lee Thompson said:
Those are pretty. Will they change when they get hot?

Don't know yet Lee, probably WILL change.
If they don't hold up, I will re-blast them and paint them in industrial silver. (I know that paint lasts) I re-welded both and welded them some in areas around the flange for porting.

Heck, I even welded up the OD in the "creases" at the bend and ported the ID so the "crease" is gone. LOL!!! Too much time on my hand I guess. :D
Lee Thompson said:
Attention to detail is what make the difference.

Thank you for being a "pace setter", an inspiration to MANY, your leadership and advice on this board!

Sorry to hijack your thread. :frown:
no worries, you posted the pics i was looking for, you're allowed to hijack it :)