anyone heard of Por-15?

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Anyone heard of this rust preventitive paint? Thought?

Yes love it a lot of people here do I used it on the underbody and coated under the carpet and the frame.Its good stuff!
I saw that stuff on Hot Rod TV. They were showing it off at some
Las Vegas Car convention. That stuff looks like it can make some miracles out of some rusted cars and rusted parts.
lalonde441 are u planning on using it?
It does perform miracles in rust prevention and rust repair. Use it on anything you don't ever want to have to worry about rusting again.
I coat the insides of all my cold air kit chrome pipes with it. The stuff is bullet proof. Just don't get any on your skin or it will be with you for a few days if you don't clean it off right away.
It's good stuff, but

Wear rubber gloves. If you get any on you you'll be wearing it for a few days. The whole product line is great stuff. :D
I had to post on this thread. My father is like Mr Chemical when it comes to new paints, solutions, waxes, etc.
We first used POR 15 back in 1987 on a 63 Impala SS that we restored. We later used it on a 68 Corvair in 1989 and a 65 Corvair in 1991. I recently saw the 68 Corvair after not seeing it for 10 years and the POR 15 really does work. There is not one spot that I could see on the undercarriage that peeled, chipped or cracked. The 65 Corvair was sold last year and again, the almost 10 years, the stuff really held up nicely. I plan on doing the undercarriage of my GN soon and also my present Corvair project.
Like GNVAIR, I did some rusty areas in my 440-6 Cuda engine compartment back in 1988 and today they look like they did right after I painted them. The rust was stopped completely.
thxs for the responces and yes i plan on using the stuff on my car when i have it repainted. Ill probably have the entire body and under carriage done. sounds like people are impressed with the product so im sold.
I use it religiously here in Buffalo,NY and it DOES work,and so does all of there other products.I plan on using the gas tank kit soon when I upgrade the fuel pump.