Anyone in Summerville/Charleston,SC area?


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I'm new to the turbo Buick, and I bought a project car in Nov, got it put together, running, but not making boost. I was wondering if anyone lives in the area that can take a look at the car ...maybe see something I'm overlooking. I have replaced vacuum lines, fixed exhaust leaks, bypassed boost solenoid, and hooked up a manual boost controller with the same results. The car starts up fine idles and runs good, but like a regular V6 with no turbo. The turbo that is on the car now is new also...any help would be appreciated!
Yes I did, now it has a ls1 motor in it. That hot air setup was giving me fits and costly. What part of Charleston are you staying?
You had an issue with the Buick engine so you decided to put an LS1 in it!!! LOL.

By any chance you know a guy named Erik with a GN from Mt. Pleasant?

I'm in North Charleston at the Summerville border.
Haha, it was a little more than a problem with motor, but yes I put a ls1 in it. I know the Buick purist hate it , but my car was a 85 hot air model far from original. No I don't know Eric from Mt.pleasant. They have cars and coffee Saturday mornings at town center in Mt.pleasant you may run into him there. Anyways, my #843 847 7392 if you need anything, besides motor help..haha. also I still have some left over parts if you're interested. Intercooler, injector harness, aem boost controller parts
That is actually where I met him last Sat. I am going to be busy this weekend but maybe we could get together one evening next week and meet up. He had told me that there was a GN with an LS motor running around town. I thought he knew you. I actually met a guy with a white Thyphoon who said he was down for a cruise also. I'm going to try to get the Buick guys together. I'll be in touch with you next week.
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