Anyone know anything about hose hold lighting


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Apr 14, 2012
I was changing a switch in the bedroom to one of those new fancy kind but it controls the outside lights on the patio. Issue is that you can also control the light from the kitchen as well. I need a 2 way switch I’m sure, but I’m a bit confused which way the wires go. I did not pay attention when removing. Here is a pic of how I had it wired but would not work


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Do I need ti use the red wire


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If you control a light from 2 locations, both switches will need to be 3-way switches.
If you control a light from more than 2 locations, 1 or more 4-way switches would be in between the 3-way switches.
When was the house built?
Now days the bare wire is used for the ground wire connected to the green screw, but some have used it to carry current.
It looks like you have a 3-way switch there.
The black screw is the common screw and should be connected to the wire coming from the circuit breaker at one switch and the light at the other switch.
There are typically 2 more wires connected to both the silver screws that go from one switch to the silver screws on the other switch called travelers. It doesn’t matter which wire (traveler) is connected to which silver screw.

This is probably what you have.
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