Looking for cold air replacement 4" hose black


I have an old cold air kit, that I don't know who made it. It places a 9' K&N thru the left headlight header hole, down next to the bumper, not the kind that you have to take out the headlight. The 4" black hose that looks cloth like on the outside. About 4' long, it slides directly onto the turbo & they had a 4" adapter on the other end that does a male to male to the K&N. Does anyone know how to get a replacement hose, hopefully black? I tried to by a hose from McMaster-Carr PN# 53145k57, it looked the same on the outside, but inside wasn't smooth. The fabricated hangers that came w the kit measure about 4.25".
thinking you have one of Pete Tomka's cold air kits....solution for replacement hose is from the aircraft industry.

Pete's later made kits around 2007 or so used Aeroduct brand. you'll want to choose the CEET or CEET equivalent hose. links below.

Aeroduct hose has that wording printed on the outside in yellow on black hose. Vena MTD hose does not have wording of outside of black hose. product pictured on links, hose sold by the foot.

I have a few sizes of HD ducting. Its not black, will get pics and info.
These are the pieces of ducting I have. The long orange silicone, and the yellow stripe are nominal 4".
The shinny black hose is 3 1/4" ID.
The flat black hose is 3" ID.
The data sheet pic is from the orange section. Two examples of size are shown, the smallest hose fits our stock filter canister real tight.
The orange silicone hose fits an LS type MAF pretty good. The yellow strip piece is slightly larger.

If you see someone I can get a price