4 AN hose needed for external fuel gage


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May 25, 2001
Hi guys, I am trying to find some 1/4" soft braided hose for my fuel gage. It needs to be the type for push loc or socketless fittings. I don't want the rubber stuff bc over type it cracks on the outer shell and makes me nervous. That is why I want some braided weave but not SS. I can't seem to find this anywhere sold by the foot. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

I have a few premade lines with fittings. This is SS braided line. If SS is doable, we can talk about length and what type of fitting.
Thanks n2buick. I am not a big fan of SS braided hose. I'm still looking for the soft braid sheath. Thanks again for the offer.
I use the Autometer gauge that uses an electric sensor just like an oil pressure gauge. No fuel in the passenger compartment, just wires.
I'm not a fan of anything but steel tubing, SS braided, or wires on fuel.
I've seen 2 jetboats and one dragcar burn to the water or ground because a braided fuel line shorted on something. JMHO
I use a PTE fitting and electric gauge after my mechanical gauge to keep fuel out of the inside of the car. Much safer. Electric gauge reads the same as mechanical. Ignition is off in first photo. My pics suck, sorry. But you get the jist.....


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What Sam said. Under the hood.
SS line on my test gauge is about 4' long, and is covered with clear tubing to prevent exactly what Tim mentioned.
NO in - cabin fuel or oil lines on any of my cars.
Murphy says about SS line:
1. Will/can short out.
2. Will mess up any painted surface it rides on.
3. Will wear thru electrical wiring insulation, causing #1.
Any/all will happen while 150 miles from home, at midnight, with zero outside temps:eek: