Fuel filter adapter for AC Delco GF652

Dan SS2471

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Dec 12, 2008
Changing the fuel filter to an AC Delco GF652. The filter on there now has a threaded male adapter that screws into the inlet of the filter and it has a tube that attaches to the inlet rubber hose on the line from the tank. The outlet of the filter has a tube fitting which attaches to the outlet rubber hose on the outlet fuel line. Pic attached.

I need the same adapter that's on the inlet to use for the outlet. The filter is 9/16" inner diameter. I believe the rubber hoses are 1/4" but can verify.

That, or it was also suggested that I could use an inline filter from Summit.

Appreciate any input.
Thanks, Paul. Picked one up from Napa.


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Anyone experience an increase in INJ Duty Cycle after installing this filter? I replaced mine with it because a) it's old and b) I'm chasing a fueling issue.

I have logs of duty cycle before and after and it increased almost 10% with the new one vs getting better or remaining the same.

I put the old filter back in for now and will continue to try to find root cause of the real issue but am curious if anyone has experienced this.