Pete Tomka Cold Air Intake/Hose


Mike Ruminski
Sep 6, 2004
Im looking for a Pete Tomka Cold Air Intake with 3.5 hose and a stock mass air sensor set up.

Also looking for replacement hose 3.5 or 4 inch for his set up or were he bought the hose from.

Thanks, Mike
Hi Mike, I've written about this in the past....

Pete used Aeroduct brand ducting in the CEET variation....

3 inch duct is CEET-12
4 inch duct is CEET-16

Aeroduct is not available in 3.5 inch

Read the material differences and purchase Aeroduct from WicksAircraft. link below

If you want a 3.5 inch hose, you have to look at a CEET equivalent hose - Vena MTD - from AircraftSpruce.