Anyone know GNX #135?


Feb 5, 2004
Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts/owner of GNX #135.

While cleaning out my house, I had come across one of the 1:18 scale Epitome GNX models. It is #135 of 547, and has the original lithograph signed by Mike Doble, along with the mini window sticker for #135. Its been 20-plus years, but I had bought it new when they originally came out, and stored it ever since.

It does me no good here, so I'd like to sell it, but it would be great to unite it with the owner of GNX #135, if they are interested.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks gang!
I think Doug still has the GNX registry site...

send him an email =>

I emailed the registry last response/reply, unfortunately.

We responded to you on 1/23/2024, letting you know we've noted your artifact and will follow up with the owner of 135 once the car is registered.

Take care,
Thanks Doug. I replied back to your email that day. I appreciate the insight, and now I am even more curious as to the GNXs whereabouts.