Anyone know where I can pick up a Walboro 340 fuel pump in Socal?


Last night driving home in the GN, I started having a fuel issue. Car runs/idles cool, then randomly starts sputtering due to fuel cut off. This is a very random occurrence and hasn't happened in over a month. I have had the computer and under the dash wires all re-done. I am going to replace the fuel pump and fuel filter this weekend, along with checking the fuel lines as well.

Does anyone know a vendor in Socal where I can buy a Walboro 340 fuel pump? I can order it online, just don't want to wait, since I'm trying to make the OC cruise Sunday.

Thanks in advance,
I had the same thing happen with my new 340 fuel pump and I bought another new one. When I got the gas tank down it turned out to be a connector. I do have a 340 that is slightly used (less then 100 miles) that I could sell (I was using it as a spare). PM me if you need one right away.
Where in the valley are you? Ill see if i can find in the valley as well so ill make a call or two for a fellow SFVer
The northern part by the 5/405 interchange, about 15 min south of Magic Mountain. Is there any shop locally in 818/805 area that sells parts for our cars. Everything I have found has been at least 1hr away.

Not to mention I don't see to many GN's driving around out here much.
ok, im near the reseda area. Most places that have things for our cars are not local, most are inland or in LA, so yea, about and hour drive. I dont see many TR out here either, I drive mine everyday tho so if your gonna be around and want to check out cars, give me a shout. Always have time for TRs haha
You're not far, about 15-20 mins.

Are you going to the Van Nuys Blvd cruise tonight? I usually go when I can, like tonight. Always nice to see another GN show up instead of the usual hot rods.
Its on Van Nuys Blvd at the old Rydell lot. Starts at 8pm till 10pm.

Cross streets are Van Nuys between Burbank and Oxnard I think.

2nd Wed of each month. I'm going to go.

Approx 200-350 cars in the winter and 500-1k in the summer.

Good times.