Anyone know where to get a rebuild kit for stock GN turbo?


Nov 23, 2003
Doe's anyone know a phone # to call to get a kit to rebuild my stock turbo? I'm trying to keep my car totaly stock, I just bought it and the guy I bought it from had had it two week's and he didn't bother to volunteer any info about it SMOKING when the engine temp get's up to normal. I thought the motor was shot until I dropped a socket unknowingly into the powersteering pump pully, this locked up the pully and started smoking the belt so I thought the pump was bad and started taking everything apart and noticed all the oil in the intercooler, HUMM? I seen no other way but through the turbo for oil to get in there. My hired hand had a new T04E garrett turbo. We put it on to get me rolling again but I would like to rebuild the original one. The motor is in excellent condition, (RUNS SUPER GREAT!) I bet the dude I bought it from thought it was worn out and decided to dump it off on someone DUMB AS DIRT like me,( I WANDERED WHY IT WAS SO CHEEP) I just drove it up the road and back before I bought it and didn't give it time to heat up. I thought it was A OK. Well if you ask me, I think the jokes on the dude that sold it to me, Because I got a super nice GRAND NATIONAL! very cheep. And all that was wrong with it was the turbo.