anyone make a 3 bolt spacer that goes between turbo and header.

If you do not need this right away, i can make one for you in 2-3 weeks time no problem out of any material you want (mild steel, stainless, aluminum, brass).

if u had it today i would take. i am trying to solve this problem sooner. can u make it any thickness. how much would it cost in mild steel or stainless
I had to cut my PTE SLIC about 1.5 inches on the inlet neck and remove A/C sheild and trim firewall for DP install. I guess I could have moved the turbo...

Its always interesting with these cars when putting aftermarket goodies on them.:)
unfortunetly i cannot help you anytime soon due to work, however anything less than 1.5" thickness shouldn't be too hard to do. It woudl simply be a matter of drawing it up on solidworks and taking it to the waterjet.

The cost any one off pieces are what drives most people away. It is almost the same price to make 40 of the same pieces than just 1, excluding the cost of material.

As for price, i do not know just yet. i would have to organize something with the boys.

I would honestly reccomend you look around locally at machine shops, or try to make something at home by yourself. You are only using up your time, and you will learn alot, regardless of the outcome.

align turbo with downpipe and intercooler

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My turbo sits a little crooked, tilted down towards the driver side. Would like to have it straighteded, it would appear the easiest way would be to have the flange turned some, but that also looks like it would move the entire fitment. Any thoughts?

You could try local machine shop, a good one should be able to cut you a piece in the right shape/thickness. Will the spacer affect performance of the turbo?

mardi gras is in full swing. i dont know if it will affect performance,so i dont think i'm going that route. this new 3 1/2" downpipe does not fit right its hitting the firewall when i try to line up the hole in the flange to the exhaust housing. i have ta headers they seem to have the turbo sitting lower than some headers that i have seen/used. a 1" spacer looks like it would be an easy fix if someone made one. looks like i may have to cut and modify a brand new piece which is a last resort