Anyone near Carson City, NV 89706??? URGENT


May 27, 2001
Is there anyone near Carson City, NV 89706 that can check some equipment out for me? In a bind here & couldn't go out to look myself. The stuff is at an auction/wharehouse & it ends online today at 5:30 EST (earlier out there).

If you know someone that is not too far away, please pass my info on & have them email me asap. Could use someone to just take a look & tell me what they see, or send some pictures of different views. The auction company only has one pic on some stuff that should have 10 pics to get a good price on them. Trying to expand the biz so I can make more stuff & keep cost/prices down :)
Never mind.... I passed on the stuff, went for more money & seemed the quality was less after talking to the person storing the stuff. Oh well, always another one.