Anyone need a good deal on a 04 Grand Am


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Jun 5, 2001
Hey guys I know this isn't the for sale section and if it must be moved I understand but it won't be around long. This car now belongs to my girlfriend, since her ex filed bankruptcy and her name was on the loan and title, it got dropped in her lap. She wants nothing to do with the car so it needs to go away fast. The balance owed on the car is $14K but the bank has agreed to release the title for $9500 because they don't want to deal with it from across the country. Anyway the car is a 2004 Grand AM white 4 door V6 SE with 50K miles on it. It has all power, CD premium wheels. It is nice but has a scratch on the rear bumper and a tiny hole in the passenger seat. The car is in Louisville Ky area at my place but will be in Effingham Illinois in a couple days. She will be here all day tomorrow and can provide more pictures upon request. We may be able to help with delivery if it is not too far for a reasonable fee. email or call 330-351-5956 Thanks Dave


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eBay it.

I was looking at these a few weeks ago, bought 03 Regal instead. You could put $9500 as your buy it now or a little more to cover fees. The price is very fair from what I have watched others go for. Seven days and it's gone:)