Anyone own a C5?


Aug 8, 2003
I am thinking of selling my Buick for a C5. I like this car a lot but that C5 is one sexy mutha. I'd probably opt for a 2000 or so to build some of the depreciation out of it. Anyone have one?
I have an 03 coupe. Wait till the 05 comes out. Its supposed to sticker right around $45k and the C5's should drop even more.
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"I am thinking of selling my Buick for a C5. I like this car a lot but that C5 is one sexy mutha. I'd probably opt for a 2000 or so to build some of the depreciation out of it. Anyone have one?"
"I am thinking of selling my Buick for a C5."
I have a 02 Z06, purchased new, with only about 2.7K miles on it.
If I can't have both, it would be a tough decision as to which one I would keep. Everything being about equal, if you could consider a $10-$25K '86-'87 Buick GN or TR, the equivalent of a $ 53K
Z06, I would probably opt for the Buick. No kidding.
I do not like the vette for everyday driving. Somewhat of a pain to get into and out of on a regular basis. Of course if you are 30-40ish and in good physical shape, then that goes away. As previously stated, as the upcoming C6 nears completion and entry into the market, the C5, (all models) will drop appreciably.
With a little luck and good care taken of it, you might be able to get out of the Buick what you put into it.
And although you think that the C5 is sexy, everybody and their brother has one, it can't be sexy forever with so many running around.
I not only consider the '86-'87 Buick TR'S sexy, they make an exceptional and reliable daily driver. This may or may not prove true for the C5, only time will tell.

The TR'S have an exceptionally cult following. Maybe not large, but definitely loyal.
The Vette is a very impressive and fun car to drive. It is extremely stable, good power etc. With my auto, driving at 75mph back from the track I got 25mpg, my insurance was cheaper than my 02 WS6, and is much better built than it. The car is very rigid, no rattles or squeaks, etc. If you can stand to have only 2 seats, i'd say go for it.
In retrospect, though, I will say this:
doesn't seem to cater to its vendors any more that to the others.
I don't go there very often anymore, but I don't ever remember any moderator or forum management ever jumping in to defend anybody. I guess that their philosophy regarding that issue is basically, If you are not big enough to fight it out or defend yourself or your business, then dont start a fight.
Seems to work over there, too
How can you compare daily driving a C5 to daily driving a GN????? You think a 17 yr old GN is more reliable than a C5??? I buy a car because I likt to drive it. I bought a GN as a toy to go fast in a straight line, and bought a C5 because it can take a turn. I don't pass on a car because it is common, I could care less who sees me in either car, or what anyone else thinks about either car, its how I feel about driving it. My GN is fun to drag race, not fun driving around looking at a scanmaster, constantly listening to the motor to hear if its running up to optimim tune. As for comfort, yea a GN was pretty comfortable 17 years ago, but with todays C5, telescoping steering wheel, and a seat that automatically goes all the way to the rear, they are easy to get in and out of, your not sitting in a hole like a C4, the seats are power lumbar and side support, the suspension is more refined and you don't feel every bump, the car itself is more rigid, no squeaks and rattles, has a great IRS so the ass end doesn't kick out when going over a curved bridge, runs low 13's bone stock, gets better gas milage, man I could go on, but I think its the biggest apples to oranges comparison you could make.
I agree with everything that you said.
Daily driving a Z06 is somewhat more of a pain than daily driving the other C5 catagories, due to the 6 speed. In bumper to bumper, it is a pain.
And I didn't mean to imply that the C5 and the GN are neck to neck comparable. Keeping everything in its proper perspective, it would be a tough decision for me. I have had 5 tr's and 2 vettes. To each his own.
I hear ya. I'm contemplating buying the new CTSV, but the 6 speed is holding me back (wife). Now that the new C6 is 400hp and will have an auto, I think they should offer it. I was under the impression that GM didn't have a tranny to handle those levels and still be warranty friendly.
I am not going to say that I do not love my Z06, but I will say that if I had it over to do again, knowing what I do now, it would be a very tough decision for the Z06, or going the Lingenfelter blower route on a standard vette with an auto.
"I was under the impression that GM didn't have a tranny to handle those levels and still be warranty friendly."
I think that is GM'S claim to fame regarding that issue, but I think that it has more to do with the ability to go quick and fast with a 6 speed, or to give up a little at one or the other end with the auto. I think that they think that is where their market is at.
I ams ure that the warranty issue is also a problem. but everybody is going manual 6 with big high horsepower models.
WR STI, Z06, CTSV, stang cobra all avoid the warranty issue, and the manual 6 speeds will go faster and quicker under same and/or smiliar conditions for the sales market.
I've driven Scott's wife's Corvette. :)

Nice car gets a few looks and all in arrest me red. :cool:

Displays and controls all seem to work fine. Auto. is good.

Only problems for me would be getting in and out of it 4-8 times a day and perhaps in winter driving.

Can't beat a TR for daily driving. ;)

TR's are faster, when you need it too.

And I would argue the reliability issue until I croak.

Assuming you have some clue about cars.

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"And I would argue the reliability issue until I croak."

"Assuming you have some clue about cars."

I do not have a clue about cars., please enlighten me
Thanks in advance for your insight.
It's easier to fix and work on a TR than a new Corvette.

Interesting how you change the oil on those things. :eek:

Much simpler design and better message boards for troubleshooting a TR vs. the Vette. :cool:

Newer car would have the age factor going for it for sure.

Although an older 70-72 Corvette would make a good daily driver and is easier to service. :)

Great in the snow too. :cool:

Being able to do most of the work/servicing/troubleshooting of either of those vehicles is a must for my daily drivers.

But that would go for any car for me I guess. ;)

Bottom line I think is you need to own both cars for their strengths.
Yea, you don't have to change plugs in a Vette for 100k miles, the motor is not under a firewall. That argument would have worked better an My WS6, but not the Vette. Damn Allen, didn't you even pop the hood??
The Vette is a gorgeous car. I'd love to have one. Ask Gary Wells. I was just over at his house drooling over his Z06. As Gary mentioned though here in So Cal a Vette whether it's a Z06 or not doesn't even get a second look. They are everywhere. A turbo Buick on the other hand has everyone looking, smiling, and giving you a thumbs up. It's rare to see any car that is 16 years old and well maintained. When that car happens to be an infrequently seen car like a turbo Buick then all of a sudden you become a star wherever you go. Don't kill the messenger for the message, it's just a fact. :) I think the average TR driver does care about what he drives and whether or not the car draws attention. If it was only about going fast we would all be driving a stripped down Pinto or Gremlin with a big block.
Nah, just saw you walking around in a daze trying to change the oil. :D

Pop the hood? Lotsa plastic stuff in there. ;)
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I am thinking of selling my Buick for a C5. I like this car a lot but that C5 is one sexy mutha. I'd probably opt for a 2000 or so to build some of the depreciation out of it. Anyone have one?
I was just looking at a silver 2000 C5 and finally decided against it due to the price. Ended up buying another TR. If you haven't seen this, I asked a similar question a few weeks ago.
Opinions on C5 Vette
Well, I have a black 02 Z06 that I use as a summer daily driver. It is currently tucked away under cover at a heated garage. I bought the car because of the 6 speed and the 405 HP. It is the fastest street car I have ever driven right off the showroom floor. Buick NEVER made a car this fast off the showroom floor!! I also bought it when interest rates were 0% and the dealer discounted it $7K. The dealer ended up financing car, title, taxes @ 0%.

The oil change was simple. No different than the turbo cars. The only downside is that you have to use Mobil 1. That makes the oil change about $45 if you do it yourself. The computer tells you when to change oil. It is not based on mileage, but how hard the car is driven. It has the equivilent of an airplane "Black Box" that analyzes the driving conditions.

Don't try to compare the C5 with the GN. I also have an 86 GN (10.95 @ 124). They are totally different in every aspect. You'll get more street action in the C5 than the GN. Everyone wants a piece of the Vette (even the law). By the time a worthy opponent recognizes the GN it is usually too late.

If you have several turbo cars, try the C5. Or better yet, wait for the new C6. I am a diehard Buick guy, but couldn't pass up the deal on the Z06. If Buick would have made something equivalent, they would have had my $50K. It is a shame Buick doesn't make the Blackhawk. I would have antied up a few more $$$ for one of those.
I purchased my Z06 in Sept of 2000. I have one of the earliest production #'s from Bowling Green. It's definately no Buick GN. However, it's a wonderful track car. Brakes are the "stop now" variety. I've autocrossed her, dragged her and road raced her.

I have 50K miles on my Z and drive her in the rain, snow, summer whatever. To row the gears is fun and the tranny lasted about as long as the 200R4. I had to have the synchros replaced (but I'm still on the stock clutch) and there are the odd failures: power window switch, 2 differentials, and poor ring seal (addressed in the latter half of 2001 versions).

It has a true dual exhaust and sounds great with aftermarket mufflers and long tubes.

The body has no metal parts so door dings are a thing of the past.

Here's a good example: movie files/HeatedZ06.wmv