Anyone running Bruce's 12" converter?


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May 24, 2001
Anyone have experience with Bruce T. 12" converter? I read real positive comments about his 9/11 converter, but I have not seen anyone mention his 12" converter. Thanks for any feedback.
i ran one for a week till my 2nd gear started slipping and it worked great maybe just a lil looser than my d5 but my d5 was messed up.

i am going to have it back in my car later this evening so i'll know more tomarrow
Thanks Reds. Hope you get your problem fixed and that the TC works well. What is the stall?
I'm running it in my car along with his roller/billet parts and have had no problems. It's a little looser than a D5, mine's good for 2740 stall under brake.

I was thinking about his 9/11, but I went with his recomendation based on my set up and more street use than track.

Yes.....I had Joe L. set my chips up to lock at 55mph (93) and 65mph (race)....

All I can say are good things about bruces 12" convertor, my 87 stalls about 2600 with 2 psi on street radials and is noticably looser than the old D5, my 85 has one and it loves it, but the peg leg kinda hinders any improvement, other than a lot more tire smoke.
i wont be getting mine back in till monday now i just plain ran out of time and cant do it till mon. eve...:(
hey this thread got lost ....well i've had mine back in my car for a few weeks now and i works great even with the 51 turbo it spools up just fine.

in search of more of course im going to a 9/11 converter now and some 28/10:50 slicks....should be fun