Anyone selling a 90ish Honda?


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Just curious. I have a friend looking for one. He wants to pick one up before next week. So any ideas would be helpful. THANKS!:)
Hey Jackson, how's things?

Anyhooz, we checked the buy&sell, pennysaver, advertiser already. Nothing special. So I thought i'd give turbo buick a shot!:)
I know someone..

My friend is selling a 91' prelude si 4ws. Some info: Sunroof, 101000 miles, white ext., grey int. New Parts: timing belt, tires, waterpump, drivebelts. Car has CD player. FWD car. Let me know if you're interested.

Thank you for the replies gentlemen!:)

Forgive me for not elaborating.....

He's looking for a 90ish Honda pref less than 70k on the clock, A/C, 5spd, below or at $6k