Anyone used SuperTech 80W90 gear oil?

John Larkin

Sublime Master of Turbology
May 25, 2001
It is one of the few non-synthetics available. Half the price of Valvoline. I can't imagine it being horrible.
I've used it for gear boxes and such that called for that weight gear oil. Not in Buick though, tractors ands equipment and such. I thing I have a partial gallon in the garage stash of lubricants.
I have also used many gallons of that trans fluid in my stuff. I have since learned to buy the trans fluid in a five gallon bucket and put it into the gallon container for easier dispensing.
I looked at and way back then, synthetic was recommended. How weird.
Apparently Lucas 80W90 has the specs to not require any additives for limited slip. It is API GL-5, but GL-4 does need an additive for limited slip. This is just from what I have read, everyone has an opinion.
Non synthetic 80w-90 (dino) oil with a bottle of posi additive is recommended for my Auburn Pro Series differential
The non synthetic 80W-90 is what Quick Performance recommended for my Wave Trac differential . Wave Trac is similar to a Tru Trac with no clutches .