Anyone using a dual electric fan?


Jun 7, 2001
Just wondering if anyone's running a dual fan like the one Ramchargers sells or others. How do you like it? How long has it been on your car?

Ever since my stock fan went out, I've been thinking about getting a dual fan from Ramchargers but I wanted to know if anybody has had any luck with them.

great fan

This is a great fan. Put mine on a couple of months ago, in place of a 2800cfm ATR single that lost a blade. It takes a little work to mount, but haven't had any problems with it. Super quiet, flows tons of air, and is priced right.

The only thing to be prepared for is it is not a bolt in. But if you have any fabrication skills, it isn't too bad.
Thanks for the replies guys. I've been looking into the ramchargers fan and for 80 bucks, you just can't beat it! I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to give out on me in 3 months.

I'll also look into the flex-a-lite fan in my summit catalog, But I think I'll like the price of the ramchargers one better.

It's too bad that our stock fans go for 300 bucks (when you can find one). My fan lasted 15 years and 152K miles! I can't ask for more.

Thanks guys.

Apologies for my ignorance - but I'm unfamiliar with this "Ramcharger dual fan for $80..." Could you provide particulars such as:

1.) Rated CFM?
2.) Current draw?
3.) Where to buy?
4.) How to control temp - comes with a regulator?
If not, what to use?
4.) Difficulty to adapt to stock car configuration?

Thank you!

Greetings UNGN,

Shame on me for not knowing that. Thanks for the help!