Anyone using a Kenwood KDC-716S CD?

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Dropped the detachable face of my JVC CD player for my 96 Blazer and now the volume and power controls don't work. (It was in the case!) Took it apart and the printed circuit board was cracked in half!

Time for a new CD player anyway. Was thinking of going with the Kenwood KDC-716S. Anyone have experience with it? I am not looking for a high end stereo, just something half way decent. I like the fact that it has a motorized plate that flips over when you shut off the power so it looks like a blank plate for theft prevention. You can also take the plate out if you want to.

It is between that unit or a JVC KD-LX300. Any advice appreciated as always!