Anyone using Yokohama AVID S/T tires??


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Aug 28, 2004
These tires are T rated and are $50 on tirerack. Nice tread pattern and a good name. Any opinions on these? Will the 275/60/15's fit the rear stock rims on my 87 Turbo T? Any clearance problems with 275/60/15's vs 275/50/15's? Thanks

Yes, I bought a set from tire 'cause they were cheap and according to their customer's ratings were second behind the Firestones. I just wanted some daily driving stuff and went with 275/60R15 on 8" GN rims out back and 235/60R15 on stock GN rims up front. Occasional rubbing on RR till I put in air bags. No fitment problems up front. You could probably use 7" rims with 275/60's but I wouldn't put 275/50's on those same rims, you get a better footprint with a wider rim. HTH.
I ran a set of two 225 60 16s on the front of my T for 45,000 miles. The cheapest model in yokahama. I think they cost about $56 each. I even sold them after I took them off. They still had good tread. I never had tires run so long. I couldn't believe it. ;)