Update! 15x7 and 15x10 GN aluminum wheels and tires.


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Its time for a change so i am selling my perfect condition GN look-a-like aluminum wheels. 15x7 front and 15x10 rear. There is not a single blemish or flaw on them. I often even removed the wheels to wash the insides. Comes with tires and lugnuts. Front tires have lots of tread left. Rears are Mickey Thompson ET Street SS with a few passes left on them. They are 275/60-15. I do have my rear lips rolled and they fit perfect with zero rub. I would rather not ship as it is a pain. But would be willing to drive a little ways to meet and cut someones drive time down. I am located in Greensboro NC


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Update. $900. Wheels only

I will be willing to ship now that there are no tires. The price I'm coming up with the ship is $140. Anyone can get can get a better deal on shipping and wants them let me know