Anyone want to trade their Turbo Regal T Type for a muscle car?


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Jan 10, 2007
I'd like to find myself a running/driving '86-'87 Turbo Regal T Type in good shape around the southern NC/upper SC area. Will consider trading this muscle car....



This is a turn key car, it has a big block with less than 500 miles, headers, 12 bolt, posi traction, bucket seats, good shape inside and out. It runs good and has enough torque to put you in the seat on acceleration. Let me know if interested.
I won't say the TR is the "last" muscle car made.....

Thanks for the compliments.

As far as value....a big block 12 bolt bucket seat Chevelle like mine runs anywhere from $10k on up to maybe $14k. Obviously some of the earlier Chevelles (i.e. 1970 LS-5/LS-6) are worth more.

And of course the 350 powered bench seat 10 bolt rear Chevelles are not worth as much in the same shape as mine.

If I were to sell my car....I'd probably ask about $11k on it. In reality I kind of want to trade, that way I'm not without something fast and cool for long. ;) You know how it is when you no longer have a hot rod, you feel an empty spot waiting to be filled.

If a trade was done I could throw in a little $$ if the car I was looking at was worth a little more than mine.