anyone with an in-car bleeder valve..


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I just bought an in-car bleeder from Sinful6 and have it all hooked up except one connection.. how in the world is the vacuum line supposed to fit on the much smaller bleeder valve? I tried using a really tight zip tie, but it's still a loose fit (read: the bleeder won't stay in the hose w/out me holding it) I know alot of people have gotten a kit from him and haven't posted anything about it on the forums.. so I must be missing something obvious. Here's a picture of how it looks

Thanks - Josh
yea i am.. it's like he accidentally used the wrong arm thing on the bleeder valve (too small), but I highly doubt it. Oh, I did email him about it, but I believe he's on vacation since he hasn't responded in several days.

Thanks for the help - as soon as I get this set I can drive my car.. so help me out if you can - Josh ;)
Well, one way would be to run to your nearest auto supply store and buy a vacuum hose adapter/splice (plastic, brass, whatever... they're cheap) and a foot of smaller hose that will fit the boost valve. You would only need a couple of inches of the new hose... just enough to connect the larger hose and the smaller one then to the controller. This would only be a few bucks and probably easier than buying all new hose and routing it again. Just a though. Good Luck!