Anyone with drop spindles and LS1 brake upgrade?


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Sep 30, 2003
Driver's side wheel rubs. When I hit a bump in the road the outside of the tire meets the inside of the wheel well. The passenger side seems to have more clearance with no rubbing. I am aware that the brake upgrade does push the wheels out a little. I have 4 front GTA GNX wheels with 245 50 16s. I changed the tires to a 225 55 16 but it still rubs. Do I need to change the bump stops or something like that. I had a alignment and the tech set everything up correctly. Don't know. I really don't want to go to any smaller tires. A 40 series tire would lower the car too much I think and roughen the ride up. Thanks Michael
i don't have drop spindles but do have coilovers and they are adjusted very low. I also have the ls1 brakes. My 17x8s with 4" BS rub pretty good on good dips and bumps. I am probably gonna end up going with a 17x7 with 4" BS and hope that takes care of it. Im not sure what you can do with the GTAs, but maybe find a set of rear GTAs that have too much BS and run an adapter up front to get them perfect but still more tucked in than the front GTAs.