Coil Overs and Frame Notchers With Big Tires, Jump In, Looks Like We'll Need A Custom Bracket

Beautiful setup, looks amazing. Just food for thought. When I was doing the coilover setup in my car I reached out to TRZ Motorsports. In my opinion they are the Gbody kings for suspension upgrade because they are out testing at the track all the time. Mike at TRZ said that you "HAVE TO" strengthen your upper factory perch that your strut is bolted to. Weld gussets to it, or tie it in with a cage, or run a bar from one side of the frame to the other side of the frame, and weld brackets to that for the strut to bolt to. Reason being is that in the factory configuration, the strut and the shocks are in different locations from one another creating no stress in that spot. Once the strut and the spring are together, that upper perch is the weak point. It's thin gauged metal. He said it's not "IF" but "WHEN" that area becomes compromised on a launch, it is going to rip the strut clear out from that location and cause one hell of a mess to the rear end of the car. If it's just a street car you probably won't ever have a issue, but if you do track it from time to time then it is something that has to be addressed so your launches don't end up catastrophic.
That's a good idea and one I considered. Any strength you can add in that area is ideal. I might need to add 1 more bar :)