Pro-Touring Ttype Build

@turbobuick will the compressor cover on the 6466 clear the nipple on the water pump without trimming? The G30/G35 with a T4 is a no-go because there is no sensible way to run a return line. I have a BW EFR 9174 I can put on but even with the SX-E cover I need to cut the water pump nipple (and make water lines) It is probably be a bit too big so going to a oil cooled 6466 would be simpler.
I would think so its physically a pretty compact turbo, I am still trying to get past how small the turbine housing is. My 6768 dosent spool bad but this thing should really zip. I would still like enough steam to make 700 at the tire when turned up and Mike assures me it will do that easily. Here it is next the the Bullseye mid-frame NLX88 I am putting on my GN which is actually a fairly compact turbo for what it is too.

I may try putting it on this weekend. I have been full steam ahead on my other project but have a small drag-n-drive event I am supposed to be at next Thurs-Sun down South which we plan to take the Ttype. I haven't decided if I am putting it on this weekend or waiting till I get back. I have to fab something for the WG to clear the SLIC or I can put a FMIC I have sitting here, just haven't decided yet.
I thought I would post an update about the drag-n-drive event we did in SC this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and that is by far the most time I have spent in a Turbo Buick in at least the last 10 years lol!

I am building my GN to do Drag-N-Drive events and decided to sign up for the SE Street-N-Yeet event for the experience and as a test run for the trailer. I figured it would be a cake walk for the Ttype since it is a pretty much stock car with all its factory options still in operation. Forget the fact that it really has never been driven in the rain, is 36 years old and up till this year sees less than 200 miles a year!

The event started off rough with the weather. Hurricane Nicole hit Florida Thursday morning the day the event was scheduled to start. They figured we could get Thursday's event at Shadyside Dragway off before the rain which was supposed to start around 4pm but got there shortly after noon and didnt stop till Saturday!

My wipers made 3 passes and stopped working. So I called Advanced Auto and they had a replacement which we installed in the parking lot in the rain. It made it 4 passes before it died and we drove the rest of the 120 miles that day on Rain X!

Day 1 Check points, I let Ray take the first pic and that would be the last pic Ray took lol! He missed the actual check point in the background and cut off half the car IMO it had to take effort to take such a bad picture! He was zonked out by the time we reached the second check point lol!


Friday was a total wash out and it was canceled before we left. It was supposed to be at Union County Dragway. We still had to make the check points and I was able to get a replacement wiper motor which did work, most of the time! They hosted us at the one stop with pizza and a contest with a timing tree. Few pics of cars rolling in.




From Union we drove all the way down to Aiken SC and were supposed to race at House of Hook on Saturday but they ended up canceling on us due to not being able to dry the track in time. The organizers were able to get us switched back to Union County and had to be there by noon the following day. They also dropped one of the check points as a result of changing the route. At the end of the day the brake light started coming on and going off by the time we went to dinner that evening it came on stayed on and lost power assist on the brakes altogether. We figured it was the swtich and woudl deal with it in the morning. I woke up at 2am realizing we had no brakes were 180 miles from the truck and I was not going to find a powermaster brake switch in Aiken SC!! While Ray sucks at taking pictures he is a pretty good wrench and figured out how to jump the switch to get the PM to work. We figured we would be able to drive a few miles and then stop to re-jump the switch but we made it all 120 miles to Union County Dragway without the brake light coming on. It was a pretty nice drive without the rain!

I did make 3 hits on the car at Union, I needed to turn in two time slips and the first pass the car was popping and farting as the plugs were fouled due to all the street driving. I ended up running it on spring pressure without the boost controller since it would spike really bad. I tightened the rod some and got 21psi and I couldnt hook the car for shit.

The last check point!

Last day made it back to Shadyside. We had a 9 hour tow home and both Ray and I had to work on Monday so I made two passes ASAP and got on the road home. I would have loved to stick around and run the car more the track was working and the air was awesome. First pass I got a 7.21 on the first pass with the car farting again cleaning out the plugs. I need to go to a hotter plug. I did put a few more turns on the Wg rod and got up to 24psi. Last pass was a solid 60' with a 1.69 but tires came loose about 80 feet out. A quick shock adjustment could've fixed that but we had to go. It did go its fastest 1/8 mph at 103 so it would have deep in the 6's with that 60' we had.


In all we drove the Ttype 700 miles and had an absolute blast despite the waether. I have a new found respect for the guys who do this with really fast cars and will be re-thinking a few things on my GN build. We are signed up for Sick Week in Feb with the GN but it will be a stretch to get the car done in time.
I thought I would post some pics of my Ttype which has been an on going 18 year project that is still a work in progress. It finally made its way to the dragstirip and on to a road course recently with some success . I am having a blast with this car this year and finally enjoying it more than working on it and for some reason this is one of those cars that has fought me every step of the way!

I've had this car since 2005. I did a complete frame off resto which I finished in 2011 then traded the car in 2013 and got it back in 2018 exactly like it was when it left and then proceeded to completely re-do the entire cars suspension, motor and drivetrain and this year I am finally finishing it and getting the car sorted out.
Car is pretty well optioned and rare Canadian Import ehh! It was a mess when I found it as a roller but super clean and still wears all of its original sheetmetal. I preserved the car's originality as much as possible with the build, its really quite stock appearing other than the frame is 5.5" off the ground. All options work including AC and car even has all its factory jute padding weighing in at 3700# with driver and full tank of gas.
Motor is an mint off-center 0012 Stage 2 block with 4340 3.625 crank Oliver 6" Billet rods, J&E pistons
GN1R heads ported stock intake ported stock TB.
TA headers wtih 3 bolt PTE billet wheel 6768 3" THDP and 3" ATR crossflow exhaust
GN1 SLIC that gets quite toasty with this combo
Janis billet rollerized 200r4 Bradco TQ
Denny's 3.5" alum shaft with 1350 Ujoint and billet yokes
Stock 8.5" rear with 30 spline Mosers, and rebuilt/upgraded GM carrier
ECUGN with flex fuel on Corn
Racetronix 750l fuel system and fuel lines 120# injectors
Cooling is Champion radiator with twin spal fans with int oil and trans coolers and one external trans cooler and a power steering cooler I am in process of installing. The radiator is bad ass car is never over 175 even getting off the road course after a 20 minute session!

Front suspension is Ride Tech TruTurn UCA/LCA made to work with Viking DA coil overs 550# springs and RideTech 1.5" Musclebar front sway bar.
Rear Suspension HRparts UCA/LCA with UMI adj rear roll bar and UMI rear coilover conversion with Viking DA Coilovers with 125# springs (but going to 175)
Brakes: Baer 12" rear SS4+ and currently the 11" Baer SS4+ fronts but they are sending me parts to convert to 12" in front.
Wheels, early GTA two piece wheels I had machined and polished repainted they were originally grey GTA wheels and match the car. I had the rear cut apart and re-welded to deeper offset. I have 6 wheels total with Toyo R888Rs 245/255 for road/autox and a pair of Toyo 275/45 DR on the other two which work ridiculously well even on the street.

I built this car to do it all!. I showed it at BG this May. I drove to the drag strip a few weeks ago on a Wed night TT, and ran 10.75 and drove off the track and drove home. I ran the car exactly like the car is driven on the street, same gas in the tank (pump E85) and tires on the car. A week later I changed out the rear drag radials tighened up the coil overs and took it road racing! I have the NE Musclecar Challenge coming up this Thurs to Sat at Pitt-Race. This is road racing and auto-X event for 1987 and older American made cars with V8s and one V6 lol!
Hey Dude,
Are you running a cold air kit? I just switched over to speed density and I need a connector to mate up the crossover pipe to the cold air kit.