AOD trannys that handle high HP

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Does anyone have the website for the guy that builds the killer AOD trannys that can handle high hp? Had it but lost it.
My predicament is that I have rear disc brakes, and need to run a trans-brake tranny to be able to build boost on the line as the rear tires turn at 3lbs boost. I want a trans-brake and automatic shifting, and the 200-4R will only live a little while for what I need. A TH-400 is out because of the manual valve body. So, I'm not too proud to run an AOD with trans-brake if it will hold up. I thought I had the site saved, but can't find it.
Anyone have any input on these trannys, good or bad? Anyone know someone who has run them? TIA.
Originally posted by Awesome T
I want a trans-brake and automatic shifting, and the 200-4R will only live a little while for what I need.
I'm going to say that Bruce will beg to differ with that statement. :p
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I love their AOD stuff for the FORD crowd. I Built an aod for a mustang with the lentech valve body {trans brake w\auto shifting} and their 300m input shafts {long and short} and i have to tell you that aod valve body from lentech was piece of art, but using an AOD in our buicks is a whole different story.

First of all swapping it in {adapter plate, cross member, driveshaft etc}.

Second; Getting a converter for this monster. I had a bi#&h of a time trying to get anyone to build a converter with the stall speed i needed. It's easy to do a 9.5", but a 8" you'll be paying big $$$.

The 200-4r set up properly will do what you need it to do.

I also think that the planetary in the AOD is a tank. That's a lot of rotating mass to be pushing.
Well, I'm still a long way away from deciding which route to go, and I appreciate the responses. The tranny will be behind a 274 stage II, and I will be shooting for 9.9's. The more I hash it over with my favorite local tranny builder, maybe running a 200-4R with a 'brake and leaving easy will be the way to go. Might not get the times I want, but the combo should live a little longer. And since the car will be shod with 275/60 BFGDR's, not blowing away the tires would help. I'm doing a slow search for a buildable 4L80E core, but no trans brakes as of now for it. We all like to watch high-boost trans-brake launches, but they are murder on parts and really stress out the car, and this will be more of a daily driver. Thanks again, and any more thoughts or comments appreciated.
Consider the 200-4r

The 4L80 is a tank {weight wise},plus trying to adapt it is again another story {chevy only bellhousing}.

With the parts available for the 200-4r it should be able to handle what you want to do with it. If you use the billet input shaft and the billet shaft fwd drum you can drive it like you stole it. The Bat Brake from Performance Transmissions is the finest around. I think over all the 200-4r will be a better fit in the car and in the wallet.