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Aug 15, 2002
I've been building my car for about a year now and i've taken it from a stock condition to a cleaner, smoother stock condition. New Trans, new hoses, new radiator, cold air kit, dump tube. Everything was going find so i decided to throw on some nitto's. I was running 13.50's before then and wanted to run low 13's so i figured the nitto's would be the best choice. For the last 3 months, i have been running about 18 pounds and havn't had any problems. I had a boost gauge but after many many people telling me otherwise, i neglected to get a scanmaster or take any of those precautions. I went to e-town on saturday excitied with my new tires and made a couple of runs. 13.4 , 13.2, 13.0. Everything was goign fine so i took some air out of the tires and tried to leave with a little more boost. 3 poudns or so. I got to the 60' and bam.......engine gone. I pulled off the track and popped the hood. Oil was everywhere. I'm disecting the problem right now but that definately sucked and i'm going to be wiser in the futures. Thanks to my good friends at englishtown, the napps and everyone that works there things werent horrible but definately a had that i dont want to live again.