ARCA: Alli Owens Starting up front today.


Yo Baby Daddy
Oct 1, 2007
She is a good friend of mines daughter and one of my best friends niece.
So lets wish her luck today and be safe.........:cool:
I'll be watching.... Hope she has a safe race. That ARCA race at Daytona can be a crash fest.
That ARCA race at Daytona can be a crash fest.

If you remember about 10 yrs. ago another buddy of mine ran into the pace car. :rolleyes: What a bonehead.
Well, there arent many cars left with 31 laps to go. Just shows you how the Cup drivers make it look easy running around there 3 wide all day. One things for sure, the ARCA race at Daytona is never boring.
She made it 50+ laps .......I don't know if anyone will finish.......:biggrin:

Unofficially 35th place
Round 2 starting 19th with a good ride..........

Wish her a safe finish.
She did good until she got hung out to dry. From what her CC said on air, I'm thinking that fuel was going to play into her finish.

Alli could of taken a lot of the spotlight from Danica. I was pulling for her to get a higher finishing position then the Jr Motorsports HYPE machine.

Is she running the full '10 season in ARCA?