Are these pressure readings healthy???


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May 25, 2001
Please take a look at these readings and let me know if they indicate a healthy 2004r or not. It has an ART CARR shift kit and 10 vane pump is all.

idle (TV conn) idle 1500 rpm
TV conn TV disconn full TV

Park 112 112 253
Reverse 193 202 248
Neutral 112 112 248-260
O'drive 113 113 252
Third 113 113 240-260
Second 250 254 225
First 250 251 212

Thanks for your input.

try this

Sorry that the numbers are not explained but not sure why the col didn't line up.
The 1st col is at idle with TV connected
The 2nd col is at idle with TV disconnected
The 3rd col is at 1500 rpm with full TV

Do these indicate any type problem? My 2-3 shift point is very sluggish and does not engage very strong at all.
What could be the problem.

Any trans gurus got any ideas????


Can one of the many tranny experts advise on this. What does it take to get some feedback? Is this a rare or off color question? Please

250 psi should be enough. How steady was the reading at full TV? Seems like the problem is elsewhere. Very common for the direct clutches to be smoked, or at least direct pack clearance is too great.

Thanks 87GN. The pressures at full TV there was maybe a 12-15 psi swing but not real erratic. Does that mean anything?

Anyone else have any comments on my trans pressures? Thanks again in advance.

Jim, not sure I follow:
1st gear @ full TV is 212
2nd gear @ full TV is 225

What should the pressures read in a perfectly performing tranny? I havn't been able to find this out from anyone. Thanks much.

Second 250 254 225
First 250 251 212

Less at full than at min. TV Unless you posted wrong.

Can either of you guys explain what I should be seeing?
Are you saying that I should always have more pressure at full TV than at min TV, no matter what gear?
I am a novice at this so just trying to understand. Thanks for your patience.

Yea you should have more but I don`t think it`s going to hurt anything. As for the loss of press. I don`t know why.


You are FINE!! They are actually very good. Go look at the other thread on here asking the same question. Look at his. Look at yours. See the differences. Yours are alot better. We bleed the L/r clutch housing off so manual low pressures at full TV drop a tad on our units too. No big deal. Your pressures are sweet compared to most posted. Go, have fun.:)