Are these the same Injector?


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The all black injector is one sold by a reputable vendor. I've seen some with a gray tip as shown. Is the gray tipped injector also Mototron 60#? Is the gray one perhaps a year or two older? Are there stamped part#'s on the injector to verify?


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Soooooo.. can anyone tell how to identify a mototron 60# injector? Is there a casting number on the injector that someone can tell me? Someone must have one laying around. Would appreciate it.
The picture of the gray tipped one is from an ebay auction that ended, but the seller says he has more. He had zero feedback, but the price was great, so I'm treading cautiously. He flat out told me he would send them to me and I could pay him after they arrived. That is why I want to be able to identify them by looking at them.

Who is Zoomer? Boomer's brother? :)
Zoomer owns ZZP Performance and he sells those mototrons also. He's pretty big into the L67 power plant. I bought my first mototrons from FT because I got them off ebay for about $315 shipped, then I got my next set from ZZP because they where the cheapiest price around and I run those on my GN with no problems. How much where the ones on ebay for?