Armdrop Live coming to Mobile, AL like Pinks

Raymond Bunch

"Turbo Enthusiast"
Mar 20, 2002
I just registered for this event, any other takers? Sure would like to see some other fellow Turbo Buicks laying the smack down:wink: Just passing along if intrested....Here's some information in a nutt shell.

Basically, 250 pre-registered cars get a chance to run in a Pinks All Out format but with no cameras. Rich Christensen will be there doing armdrops and there will be 4 heads-up classes of 32 cars each running for as much as $2,000 per class. There will also be other things going on, such as a jet dragster, a Jr. Dragster run-out-the-back-door race (WAY faster than Jr. Dragster rules allow, we're talking sportbike times out of these suckers), and Gary is trying to get an ATV-only class going as well. 2 days of racing.

MOBILE DRAGWAY For registration and information.

Rich Christensen's Armdrop Live! For how the event is run and the general guidelines.