As bad as I hate to, my 87 GN is for sale


Who's Next?
May 27, 2001
Self employment has it's perks but also has it's downsides:frown: I have to keep my priorities straight and my family is my number one priority. So........
This car has so much I don't know where to start describing it so off the top of my head here's the run down:

Turbonetics T-70 P trim .82 .ar housing. 4" inlet, 2½" outlet
Ported Champion Intake
PTE Upper ( polished ) Accufab 70mm TB ( polished ) Power Plate
Comp Cams 210/210 Roller Cam, 885 Roller Lifters
Race ported and polished iron's by Mease Performance( very heavily ported and polished )
HS Roller Rockers 1.65
Billit adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Forged Pistons ( TRW )
Turbo crank ( standard )
Polished stock rods
Blue printed timing cover
Billit Mains ( 1,2 and 3 )
ARP studs and bolts throughout
F-body aluminum radiator
TA Performance Headers stainless steel
THDP Downpipe with dump- for aftermarket headers
2¾" Full Throttle Exhaust with Welded Ultra Flo Race Magnums
RJC Front Mount Megacooler IC
4" Aluminum MAF pipe with Big Mouth style cold air intake ( K&N filter )
Injectors - 83lber's
Double Pumper's ( 2 Walbro 340's )
RC Dual Fans with Casper's Harness
SMC Progressive alky kit
Precision Industries Vigilante 9½" multi-disc lock up, 6 pump
Russ Merritt loaded Direct drum with Blues, Red Alto's in Art Carr hardened forward clutch housing
Red Alto Wide Band
Billit Super Servo
Billit anchor pin
Art Carr hardened forward clutch housing
10 vein pump with mods
StageRight Trans Brake ( never used on the track )
Translator Pro with Pro Chip, Hi Boost solenoid
LC1 wide band
EGT ( displays on the TPro )
Moser axles
Weld Drag Lites 15x10's in the rear and 15x6's in the front
Nitto's out back and brand new rubber up front
Full Throttle big sway bar
Prgressive cargo springs with dual air bags
UMI Lowers, stock uppers

The car itself has 120,000 on it. You might just say the frame has that mileage because everything else ,aside from the interior, has less than 5,000 miles or so. The motor has only @ 5,000 miles or so on it and the tranny has @ 3000-4000 miles on it. The car had what you would consider a body restoration back in 2003. There was NO rust on the car then and is NO rust on the car now. The car was painted by Meadowthorpe Auto body in Lexington Kentucky, cost was $10,036. The paint is DuPont Centauri Pitch Black. The finish is so smooth and the paint has so much depth that it looks like you could reach your hand into the finish.The interior looks as if it had 60,000 miles on it instead of 120,000. This is a very, very nice car and alot of the guys on the board have seen it in person and can attest to how nice it is. The car is a solid roof car and it has many, many extras that it would a while to list. This is the car that I will kick myself in the a$$ for selling, but like I said I have to keep mine and my family's interest first and foremost. The only things that the car really needs and not even right away but down the road, is new weather stripping for the windows. The fuel gauge will only read down to ½ tank, it goes to full when filled up but as it goes down it stays at a little less than ½ tank so you have to mindful of your range. Like most cars, the front dash cover where the speakers are have cracked speaker grill fins where the previous owner had aftermarket speakers in there. I have owned the car for 10 years. The car is a real monster and a true 10 second street car. Best pass to date was 10.87 @ 124 mph ( 2 years ago )which wasn't a clean pass ( the tranny was slipping then before I rebuilt it ) was still getting the TPro lined out. The video of that pass can be seen at MAF Translator The car would run a 10 teen or so. Asking price is $25,000
Please email me if you are interested and I'll send you my number or you can send me your number. I can't take any trades, sorry. The pics I have are a year or two old, it still looks the same but will post new ones tomorrow. Thank you for looking


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I can attest to this car. It is one of the nicest cars in this area. Sorry to hear of your situation, and hope all goes well. I'll put the word out locally.

Never thought I would see this. I'll put the word out.
It will be a sad day when it goes. One of those things you have to say, thats life.

Updated pics


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A few more pics

This is a flat out awesome car!


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Hate to hijack your thread but:

You promised to ship the laptop stand on the 6th and now nothing. No email, no tracking info, I need to hear from you immediately.

You promised to ship the laptop stand on the 6th and now nothing. No email, no tracking info, I need to hear from you immediately.


Yeah I did promise to ship it then but I didn't expect to be dealing with a death in the family, which you already know :rolleyes: but your stand is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Some things get bumped down the priority list when things like this happen. Next time before you jump to conclusions about something and try to stir $hit on the board, make sure you have the facts straight.

Now,ttt, the car is still for sale ( minus the laptop stand )