ASC Sunroof Issues


Nov 7, 2002
Has anyone here worked on sunroofs before? I have the ASC installed unit that is a Ford product. I mounted the assembly properly and it seems to work when it feels like working. I tested it before installing and it was not cooperating. Then we re-aligned the glass and it worked perfect up and down and back and forth.

We bolted it back up and tested it and it worked intermittently... ie: it would seem to jam and then after going back and forth a bit, it would go back smooth as silk and close just as well but then would seem to bind when I prompted it to tilt up.

At this point I have reviewed Kirbans Sunroof book, and every factory service manual but alas, this is a unit installed by ASC and is clearly stamped with Ford logos (I understand out of 80's model Lincolns?).

Anyway, does anyone have any information or resources that they can point me to in order to fix this sunroof-or at least to make adjustments? I am trying to re-assemble this car and I kinda need to have this done before re-installing the interior.:mad:

BTW, I have an astroroof car and it does not seem to have too much in common with this one...

Any ideas would be appreciated.
First let me say I only worked on sunroofs for approximately 10 hours :eek: in my 18 plus years working at ASC…. but if you can add a picture I may be able to get one of the old employees to help with this issue….no promises but I will try…..regards
I probably have about 3 hours into this freakin sunroof!:mad:

Anyway, I'll try and get some nice clear pis up in the next few days. Thanks for the offer of assistance. I hope someone will be able to chime in and help me fix this...
Here's some pics:




This is the rear where the motor is:

driver's side -kinda blurry

Passenger side:



As I stated in my earlier post, all of the testing was performed before installing and it worked perfectly after some fanagling. After it was installed, it would work intermittently. (The motor is fine, everything is lubed, there are no obstructions in the tracks)- I am guessing that the areas that control the list are "jumping" off their tracks or binding.)

Please note that in pics 5 & 6 you will see a thin rod that runs the length of the unit. The driver's side is nice and straight and the passenger side is bowed. There is only 1 (the lower one-it looks like an upper and lower but that is merely the reflection off the glass.) I have tried adjusting this rod but to no avail...

I'm stuck.