Assembly HELP Needed!


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Aug 1, 2005
No experience under my hat with assembling basketcase 1987 GN's, I need help!
I have the motor in the car, but need help with accessories, wiring locations,
what goes first, up to what goes last.(Not including gas and a heavy foot) :cool:
Is there anything you guys can suggest? certain book? anyone have diagrams
that can be emailed?
A couple of guys offered to come over and that is great, but I should be able to accomplish something here on the board as well. And by the time they get here maybe it won't be so bad.
I don't even have a lot of bolts I need, so any knowledge that way would be helpful as well. Patiently waiting,
Jeff :confused:
Not to long ago someone posted a couple of nice accessory drive diagrams. Maybe you could try searching it. Or maybe they will post it again. GNTTYPE.ORG has alot of valuable info also.
Here you go.


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those ARE nice!

I need to see other things as well, wiring harness, I have some melted ends to contend with, not melted bad, just melted too much for my satisfaction.

looks like I need to come up with a couple of brackets.

I need info on fuel line placement at the front of the block.

I need the clamp that holds them in place at the block off location.

Really would be nice to have a completed car to look at. I do but it is an hour and 15 mins away from me. I could buy another car with the gas money :eek:
The last time I put a motor together I video taped everything as I was removing it, wiring locations ect. I wish I still had the tape, but if you have a camcorder or could borrow one, you could go record the other GN's engine compartment and replay it when needed.
keep it coming!

YES!!!! Thank you Pete.
You are AWESOME !! SCORE!!!
this one will help me out bigtime, thanks ! Jeff

:rolleyes: I have one and I never use it!!! LOL
I have found a good use for it now...sometimes ya just need to stop and get on the board! this is embarrasing to an extent... :confused:
I do not lose pride in asking questions, when the need arises!!
Thanks Guys

Thank you,
If anyone has any insight on the wiring harness, please reply!
I might need new ends,seems like I have seen them new somewhere, can't remember. May even need to just replace it, anyone has a good harness out there and price? Let me know...Jeff
Bweavy - I think that is his screen name, can look in the feedback section - there is always a thumbs up post for Brian there. He might be your best bet for something like that.

If you have any 1/4" plate around, you could try to make one, it would be very easy
On the connectors you can't screw them up they are all different and will only fit to the specific counter (unless you're a round peg to a square hole kind a guy) caspers has all fittings electrical for our cars and i'm sure gbody parts has an old harness lyin around if yours has that many issues.