Astro roof seal install

sheesh, to much to type,. I sjut did mine in my 86. if you want I can call you tonight so I can explain it over the phone,. it would be much easier. PM if you want
ok read that thread. so my question is to install the seal the headliner has to be removed with the whole roof unit...right?

also if I just want to remove and replace my sliding astro roof sunvisor can it be done easily or does everything have to be taken apart??
To change the weather seal on the Astro-roof, you will need to remove the whole piece of glass out of the assembly out of the top of the car!

It's a royal pain in the arse... I removed the whole interior to have some room to stand and move around. (that's not too hard to do).

Anyway, if your paint is good, it's a good idea to have some help and to use some painters tape to mask the opening because you will scratch something trying to get that glass out. Once it's out it's pretty straight forward.

Put it back in the same way you take it out.

You must take your time and not rush.

I think there's a thread on it with pics somewhere on this board...:confused:
Since the headliner and slider board (aka sunvisor), were good on my Astro-roof car I did not remove it.

However on my ASC Sunroof car I had to remove the entire assembly from the car and pull the slider board out from the top of the assembly.

This might be what you have to do. Do some more searching as I recall reading that someone had to mess with this. If not here, check the "other" boards. The info is floating around here somewhere...