Astroroof Gasket


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Apr 8, 2002
Im in the middle of replacing the gasket in my astroroof for the second time (first was dont by dealer while still under warrenty). I got everything taken out of the car, headliner is ready to come down but wont. It seems to be glued in around the opening and tucked under (up). I took off the rubber filler gasket from the inside to see a chrome strip behind it, on top of where the headliner is tucked. I know the factory headliner was tucked like this but this one was replaced a few years ago and Im not sure if it should be glued around the opening like this?? Does the chrome strip have anything to do with it? Any help will be appreciated:)
Thanks for the link Chris.

As for the SkyTop I really have no idea what that is. It is a factory Astroroof, with the chrome switch and alan wrench access.
Oh ok. Well learn something everyday. But it is a factory installed astroroof. I think the link Chris gave me cleared up my question. When I had the headliner done a few years back it was slightly glued around the opening and on the inner lip. I'll just have to go out there tomarrow and careully pull it all off. Ive gotta drop the whole headliner so I can grease the unit and hopefully get it to quiet down a little. (since it hasnt been used in suck a long time it is a little on the loud side right now). Thanks for the replies guys. :cool: