Atlanta Meets

Haven't been in a while. Last time, there were 4 of us.
This past month, there were 2...
Not much left of a club that was once well over a 100.:frown:

I remember the one time I went about 4-5 years ago with my previous T at Three Dollar off Windy Hill there were 3 of us. Hell, if I get my two little issues with the car worked out I'll be there next month.
I'm not too far from marrietta.I'm on the southside in Mcdonough.I'll try to get up there after labor day when I get back in town.

Are there any meets in Atlanta - at all - any where?
That's shocking how the Hooters meet went from 100 to 2.
How does that happen?
I go to the meet in Kennesaw. Once a month. I'm the only Gn though, but plenty of other cars. trying to get to caffeine and octane that meets once a month, but its early, soooo.