atr alky trans and more


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Jan 30, 2008
atr headers just had new vband clamps put on this year $500
atr downpipe with wastegate wastegate leaks alittle maybe needs to double the gasket the guy i got it from took the washer out from under the set screw (for full boost) $250
razor alky kit about 2 years old $350
lc-1 wideband about 2 years old $100
persision front mount with pipes $500
70mm tb $300
speed pro pistons used make an offer
hv oil pump and front cover less then 2000 mile $75
trans just freashened up by jimmies (7-10 ) with vigalante converter said it should by good for a high 10 car $1150
i live in il. about 45 from rockford
the rollor is also for sale $3750


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more pics.

if you want to see more pics. of anything let me know buyer pays actual shipping thanks


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i was told The Plenum (doghouse) you have is a Presicion and the throttle body is an Accufab

also have an eletric cut out with a y test pipe inside measures 2 3/4 i will take $175 for it
Put me first in line for the alky kit if nothing is wrong with it and it has the progressive controller.