attn. TA60 users!!


NO!!...its not a MONTE!!!
Jun 24, 2004
I recently bought a ta 60 off of ebay.Is there a way to tell a difference from the stock turbo?It is the same turbo thats on my car now.The turbo on my car (I thought was stock) has a/r.60 m10.....60 on the inside. The new one has the same numbers.My car had a garret .82 housing with 009 inj., when I bought it.My new turbo has a garret .63 housing.I hope I didnt buy a stock turbo for $475.00. Maybe I should of bought a te 60.Someone PLEASE help!!! :confused: THANX.
you cant tell by the external markings but your .82 exhaust housing on your car isnt a stock turbo , most likely its a ta49

the one that you have that you were told was a TA60 youll have to take off the front inlet side and measure the wheel to know what it is

the TA60 wheel should measures 2.320 top 2.950 at base on the compressor side
What inlet bell do you have on your "stock" turbo. It should have an unmachined (internally), cast bell

Take off the hose clamp and look inside the inlet. The Inlet of the turbo should have a diameter SMALLER than the inner diameter of bell where they mate.
The "stock" inlet bell should also have the valve cover vent in it if it hasn't been changed.