***Attn: V8ASSASSIN***

I am sure Randy is use to these MAJOR changes from you.

Poor Randy, if he only new from the beginning what you were getting into. Adam is he still your friend?
I don't know how I missed this thread, but yes Steven pulled up today with one big sack!! :eek:

It is quite an impressive sack, indeed took a front end loader to lift, afterwards the man's whose "place" the sack is being stored at and I had to drink a beer and toast the size of the sack! :biggrin:

Don't worry we will spread the sack's contents wisely as to draw our intended game into our trap!! :p

Sam, I'm not allowed to pick on Randy right now! He's not in a very good mood for some reason!! :eek: :p
Treasure chest of smilies secret lock code to be realeased in Bowling Green. Must be in attendance to win